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Letting My OCD Run Wild

I have a penchant for organization. Some might argue it leans closer to OCD. But really, alphabetizing your spice rack just makes sense! You know oregano is right between marjoram and parsley. No more endless spinning to locate that one specific tiny jar filled with dull green flakes.

I have always loved order. From my earliest age I delighted in a rainbow-ordered crayon box and a neat row of stuffed animals on my tidily made bed. In middle school I used to regularly dump out my dresser drawers to re-fold the shirts and arrange them by color and sleeve length. In college it would slay me when roommates left dirty dishes overnight in the sink or a haphazard stack of papers and laptops on the coffee table.

It took me 12 years of working in various vocations to finally find a job where my OCD is valued and allowed to run free. I am now an office administrator for Edward Jones Investments. No one complains about perfectionism when it comes to managing their life savings. Everyone appreciates attention to detail that is borderline fanatic, when it means their money is well cared for.

Sometimes I even let my compulsive need for organization leak out into other areas of my job that don’t require such treatment. Stacking magazines on the reception area table to resemble a pyramid. Keeping matching keurig pods side by side in a row, not just placed willy-nilly on the spinning rack. Lining up folders in perfect alignment in my vertical filer.

But yesterday I realized my tidy tendencies have been taken to new extremes. You see, we diffuse essential oils in our sitting area to fill our office with tranquility and delightful smells. We have a broad assortment of oils and my morning ritual is to select a scent from the stash and put some drops into the diffuser. Alas, standing up in the drawer, all the bottles look identical. Just little black lids. When my heart is set on lavender and I have to pick up 5 different bottles before I actually select the Lavender, I get irritated. So I found myself using the label maker to print labels for the tops of our essential oil bottles. Now I can locate lavender at a glance and save myself precious time each morning.

Halfway through making these labels, I realized the task was slightly preposterous. But I shrugged to myself and happily hunched over the neatly trimmed labels and let my OCD run wild!

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