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I Picked Up My Camera And No One Paid Me To Do It!

Given that my last post was on June 9th, 2015, I feel safe in saying my creative life has been pretty dry as of late.  Dry like my chapped hands from the heater being on all the time.  Mostly the photographs I have been taking lately are paid portraits.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being paid to photograph.  It’s like being paid to eat chocolate; glorious.  I also used to love taking photographs for my own artistic purposes.  For some reason that fell by the wayside the past few months…ok, years.

This morning, as I sat drinking my Earl Grey and checking email, I felt the sudden urge to take a photograph and post it to my blog.  REVOLUTIONARY!  So I dug out my camera from the dearth of moving boxes in my closet and walked outside, ready to make art!  Except, El Nino.  Water is the enemy of my camera lenses.  My lungs deflated and I almost surrendered to defeat.  The irony was, the escape from my creative dry spell was nearly forestalled by…rain.  It was raining cats and dogs as my Nikon hung dejectedly by my side.  At that very moment someone wound around my ankle and demanded attention.

Shere Kahn

This pretty kitty, Shere Kahn, graciously offered her modeling skills and a positively massive animal shoot ensued.  Seven whole minutes of uniterrupted photographic glory.  Baby steps back into the art realm, right? Not that I consider these images of my animals to be influencing the art historical narrative in any great way.  I am just getting back into an artistic practice.


With some help from the Labradoodle and Tabby Cats in my life.

Shere Kahn 2

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