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Dread is a powerful force. Like the sound of Alvin and the Chipmunks, it can drain your will to live. Dread erodes into every facet of my being, it is a flesh eating bacteria.

Currently I am dreading running. This is inconvenient considering that I am training for a marathon and as such I spend a considerable portion of my week running. The dread entered my life around 11:30 am last Saturday in the form of a nasty recovery. We ran 15 miles that morning and I did not eat or drink enough which made me feel atrocious for the next 10 hours.

I attempted a 30 minute run on Tuesday and my gait resembled that of Jack Sparrow.


My dog was running with me that day and he was thoroughly unimpressed with my speed. Lethargic is a generous characterization of my workout that day.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for a seven mile run and I am dreading it. I know it will be much shorter than the 15 fiasco, but still…I plan to run with a partner so she can scrape my deflated body off the pavement if need be. Lucky her!

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