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My Smuggler Name

One of my favorite movies is The Brothers Bloom. If you haven’t seen it yet please make sure to watch it just as soon as you finish reading this post. It is splendid, the perfect blend of action, quirk, endearing characters and humor. In the movie the female protagonist, Penelope, decides to become a smuggler. Inspired by her fellow smuggler named “Bang Bang” she takes on the less creative smuggler name “Penelope the Smuggler.”

If I were going to become a smuggler I would deal in stolen artwork. After many months of consideration I have decided my smuggler alias would be Rembrandt. Whispered conversations about me would fill black market circles. “The Goya is a priceless work, no doubt, but how will you move it?”
“I have a connection, handles these sorts of things, known only by the name of Rembrandt. The fee is hefty but she’s the best in the business.”

“She?! A woman?”

“Yes, and don’t let the exterior fool you. She is vicious if you cross her. But she’s sneakier than a raccoon and twice as resourceful.”

I would amass a smuggling fortune and invest the funds offshore. When I felt my coffers were sufficient filled I would disappear to an island in the Caribbean with my husband and dog, never to be seen or heard from again. We would live in a charming home with a secret room to feature my collection of artwork.

Yo-ho yo-ho, a smugglers life for me!


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