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A Taste of Oz

Lately it has been extremely windy in my town. This is a significant statement largely because it is always windy in the spring here, so we are mostly accustomed to the element. I live in the less windy section of town, thanks be to God. It takes a serious weather pattern to cause wind in my neighborhood. This week has proven to be just such a pattern. I feel like I am Dorothea bracing herself to be swept off to Oz.

I am blessed to live in a house with double pane windows and well caulked and weatherized doors. So I can’t hear the wind bellowing too loudly but I can see the trees bending and thrashing like adolescents at a rock concert. I came home from work on Monday to find part of my backyard fence had broken from the rest and fallen to the grassy ground. My first thought was a nasty argument between fence post and the crossbeam that proved irreconcilable and caused a parting of company. Then I realized the wind was a more likely culprit. The gap opens onto my next door neighbor’s backyard. Fortunately the neighbor in question has no pets and no landscaping, so no harm was done. I’m glad the fence bordering our other neighbors didn’t fall since they have many cats and ferns and yard gnomes that may have been damaged in the fall.

The wind has persisted for days now and repairing the fence has proven difficult since it is a “good neighbor” fence which means that we split the cost to repair evenly. A call to the neighboring landlord had to be made, bureaucracy navigated, a repair price estimated and a fattened calf slaughtered all before we can patch the eight food hole.

Meanwhile we have barricaded the gap with lawn furniture and an unused pallet to keep my dog in the yard. But to the random passerby it might appear as if we are staging a revolution and preparing for an attack from the opposing troops. Life is always interesting in my household.


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