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Terribly Partial to Dragons

I am not totally sure where I stand on photographing sculpture.  I don’t want to detract from the sculptor’s claim on the object, but sometimes my only response to good sculpture is to photograph or draw it for myself.  It helps me to get a better understanding of their work to render it myself.  Albany Bulb has some of the most intriguing found art sculpture I have ever seen and my only response when there this weekend was to photograph the work.  Kudos to the unnamed sculptors who created these pieces.

I am terribly partial to dragons, so this was an instant favorite.

I enjoyed the motion in this work, poised as he is to engage in swordplay.

 Bubba standing at the feet of the lovely lady.

This man is just jaunty with the feathers in his cap.

Bubba took some time to skip stones on this large pool.

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